Women fainted after watching 127 hours

AR Rahman with hero Aaron Ralston
AR Rahman with hero Aaron Ralston

The movie 127 Hours continues to blow people of their feet, literally.

Well latest news is that the Danny Boyle flick for which AR Rahman has composed the scores has gripped 2 women who fainted watching the movie. The plot reveals a true tale of US climber Aaron Ralston’s painful experience of getting caught up under a boulder in the canyons.

The scene where the hero amputates his arm and drinks his own urine after being trapped for 5 days proved distasteful for the women. One of them fainted while the other had a seizure. Howsoever ambulance rushed to Cinema City in Norwich, Norfolk where the incident was reported.

Fainted 2 more women – that’s an odd credit for Rahman, he won’t be complaining though.



  1. Vasin

    Eppa paarthalum ARR’a peethikittu irku Kollytalk! Avru music nalla thaan irku but somehow oru strong Thamil base namba base illatha oru feeling’a irku. He is clever and hardworking aana ‘namba aalu’nu feel panna mudiyama irku.

  2. viraj

    Neengasollurathu 100/100 unmaithan, Enakku enna thonuthuna, intha namba aalu feel illathanala than avurukku ulagha perumaighal matrum Puhal kidaikuthonnu, Illatti namma Rajah sir kitta varuvara?

  3. apadi

    Vasin we ca name hundred films got hit bcz of only raja sir music…………. can u name one for rahman……….(Tajmahal, sangamam, enswasa kaatre, sakarakati, alagiya tamizh magan.,etc…) only musical hits……………….

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