Woman Behind Rajinis Image Makeover

Banu Endhiran Makeup Artist

Needless to say, the popularity of the Superstar is soaring great heights after the release of ‘Endhiran’ last week.

His stunning and futuristic looks in the film have been getting much appreciation from all the end as Rajini show cased the difference between the three roles, Scientist Vaseegaran, trendy Chitti and bad chitti in a brilliant manner.

Part of credits goes to the make up artist Banu,the only female make-up artist in India and the woman behind Rajini’s stylish and young looks in Endhiran. Make up work , by Banu has been exceptional and has made Superstar look even more stylish than he usually does .

Banu who already had made her mark with ‘Motta Boss’ getup for Super Star in ‘Sivaji – The Boss’ ,  a all-new look Says  “Rajini sir has very good skin. He still looks youthful because of the positive energy that he exudes.”

On the three different looks in Endhiran, Banu says, ” Shankar sir was very particular about the three looks of the characters of Rajini sir in the film. The scientist look had to be mature, so we gave Dr Vaseegaran an Oakley beard and Rajini sir loved it. “

The most important was creating the good robot’s look. Says Banu, ” I spent hours and days working on the Chitti look. Shankar sir’s demand was the look had to be ‘robotic’ yet natural. My reference was the GI Joe molded toys. We used the ‘peel off mask’ method normally used by beauticians for the look. For the negative robot look, we went for a red tone and spiked the hair like comicbook villains. For Chitti, we used green lens on the eyes of the character.

For the bad robot, we used specially-made brown lens. The leather costumes designed by Mary Vogt (Men in Black fame), along with the sun glasses, was totally in sync with the bad robot character.”



  1. mini

    hey vijay fan……rajini sir old mana vanthalum super starthan.vijay eppadi makeup pothu vanthalum padam flopthan hehehehehehehe aiyo aiyo ore comedythan po inthe vijay fanode.thank u shankar sir such a great movie.rajini ur super super super star.vijay twinkle twinkle little star. 🙂

  2. JJ

    dey vijay fan….. the look is only part of the movie…. rajni’s style & acting talent is the main pic…. 
    even banu had done makeup for vijay there will not be any different bcoz he is useless actor….!!

  3. vijay

    hey MINI see who are vijay fans they are rajini fans too, because, they like mass from rajini also, dont talk about vijay and vijay fans like that, that must be wrote by ajith fan OR surya fan, simply putting vijay fan (NAME), so we vijay fans wont do like that. 


    Dai… ajith fansukku vera nela illyadaa… naanga vera vijaykku aappu adikkanuma athaan avenaa continuous floppaa koduththukkittu irukkanedaa…
    ippa sonthamaa katha choose pannaththeriyaama remake padangalaa nadichukkittuirukkaan ivanodayellam  Ajith Surya and Vikramayelllam compare pannamudiyumaadaa…
    Inthe paer maththy adikkuratho illa first show ticket eduthuppoi negative coment pannurathu ithellam vijay fans Vijay and santhirasekaroda vela ajith fansda vela illada….

  5. apple

    First hear the story told by super star Mr RAJINI sir in audio release and i like to tell to Mr vijay fan for the comment that whatever u can say but one only super star in INDIAN cinema is super star Mr RAJINI sir ok. don’t talk rubbish and tell ur ilayathalapathi to act in the film then u should leave a comment always super star rocks .-.  

  6. Johny

    rajini sir old mana vanthalum super starthan….
    rajni’s style & acting matters….   
    Banu did a good job, but even if banu had done makeup for any other actor, he would not have shined like our real Thalai-Rajini, as no other actor in Tamil Film industry has that kind of Stardom and mass, its a fact no one can deny. DOT

  7. Nothing but the truth

    My brother was telling me one fact that in the story  why shankar might have done another Aiyswarya Robot and might have given to villain robot ??? wht the story might have been!!!

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