Will Thanjavur Temple bring bad luck to Vikrams Karikalan?

Vikram’s ‘Karikaalan’ likely to rake up fresh controversy
Vikram’s ‘Karikaalan’ likely to rake up fresh controversy

The script of actor Vikram’s upcoming film ‘Karikalan’ is the latest topic of discussion in Kollywood circles.  Insiders say that the script, which is a period-type story on the Chola dynasty, is likely to kick up a new storm.  New info is likely to be ‘presented’ to the audience on the way the great Raja Raja Chola ‘treated’ the laborers who build the renowned Brahadeeswarar Temple in Thanjavur.

The temple, also known as Thanjai Periya Koil, still remains one of the most avidly visited archaeological sites in India for the technical excellence with which the structure has been built.  As per the script, the Chola king subjected the laborers to long hours of working during the construction of the temple.  The workers were almost treated like slaves, it is said.

The script further goes on to say that it is because of the torture inflicted on the poor laborers by the Chola king that his subjects didn’t bother raising any memorial for him after his demise.  The curse of the laborers and the people in general is the main reason for the many ‘misconceptions’ which prevail about the Temple till today, it is said.

Popular political leaders who visit the temple end up losing their grip over power and properties, is pointed out.  They cite the example of Kalaignar in this regard, who reportedly had been to the temple just prior to the elections.

Having said this, it remains to be seen as to how the people react to the script of ‘Karikalan’!


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