Will Shriyas Hollywood slum-act make her a millionaire?

Will Shriyas Hollywood slum-act make her a millionaire

The very appealing Shriya Saran was last seen in the Independence Day release Jeeva starrer Rowthiram which happened to slip by without much fanfare. Following the Rowthiram release the actress was caught up in a cross-legged act which she ignored saying that some vested interests were trying to portray her as a ‘cultureless’ girl. Tired of answering such unwanted questions along with the consistent flop-show Shriya decidedly vacated her posh bungalow in the Valasaravakkam locality in a bid to say goodbye to Chennai.

Now we came to know that the actress has focused all her attention to become the next Slumdog Millionare in an upcoming Hollywood flick directed by Deepa Mehta. As Shriya fans will be aware that the sexy lass will be seen in a completely different avatar playing a slum girl in this new Hollywood movie. According to fresh reports Shriya has again gone on dieting (Shriya….more dieting…) to suit the interests of the character. Moreover she even spent some valuable time with the slum people in order to understand the body language and add that extra bit of authenticity to her role.

Shriya we hope this Hollywood flick proves to be a ‘millionaire’ affair for you.



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