Will other heroes follow Suriya to reducer producers’ expenses?


Actor Suriya, known for his noble thoughts and deeds through his now-famous ‘Agaram Foundation’, has gone ahead and set an example (in reducing the producers’ production costs) for his contemporaries to follow: however, whether or not they would do so is the million-dollar question now!

Usually, the producers pay not only the actors and actresses for starring in their films; they are also made to foot the pay-bill and other expenses incurred by the support staff members of the artistes as well. This practice has been going on for the past many years with nobody in particular coming out against this.

In the backdrop of increasing woes of film producers, Suriya has taken a personal decision to pay his support staff and meet their other expenditure on his own instead of asking his producer to do so. Karthi, Suriya’s younger brother and a competent actor in his own right, has decided immediately to follow his elder brother in this regard.

Whether other heroes, who earn in millions, would follow suit and reduce the woes of their respective producers is something only ‘Time’ can answer!


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