Will Nadigar Sangam take action on the Ranjitha-Nithyananda issue


All actors have started commenting on the play boy Nithayananda, to throw light on them. The Ranjitha-Nithyananda video did create a lot of ruckus countrywide. The video footage which was being aired by some private television channels clearly showed the actress with Nithyananda. And Ranjitha has gone into hiding ever since then. With no official statements from Ranjitha, there were strong speculations on what the Nadigar Sangam would decide on this issue.

When asked about this to the Nadigar Sangam President Sarathkumar, he said that the Sangam could take action only against its members. He added that since Ranjitha is not a member, the Nadigar Sangam will not go into this issue.


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