Will Illayaraja and Vairamuthu collaborate again

The magical duo
The magical duo

Well it be the music industry or the film industry disputes always make through  irrespective of how long a bond the friends have shared , well such is the case of  long standing friendship of Illayaraja Vairamuthu.

Both have excelled in their respective fields,legends in the truest sense .The duo have never been hesitant to break away from cliché’s and find new paths exploring together in a world of their own. Effectively capturing moods, landscapes, love, lust and whatever you could think of.

Together they have set significant standards for the upcoming musicians and we even hear that musicians these days refer to the film compositions first keeping in mind the rendering of ragas in a song. That’s the influence theIlayaraja has on performing musicians let alone the passive listeners.

Idhu Oru Pon Malai Poluthu’, ‘Poongatru Thirumbuma’, ‘andhi mazhai pozhigiradhu’, do those ring a bell in your hearts, what we could say! Undeniable streak.

Since Vairamuthu and Ilayaraja have parted ways Vairamutthu has been always haunted with only one question everytime at an interview‘Will Ilayaraja and Vairamuthu work together?’ and vice –versa.

Well 25 years have past. It seems Vairamuthu is trying his best to get along with the melody maker. Evidently, Vairamuthu invited Ilayaraja for his son’s marriage but for some reasons unknown yet he did not turn up.

Although ‘Vairamuthu’ has maintained, “The question should be put forth to Ilayaraja.”

Now he has invited the music maestro at the launch of his book which reportedly is a compilation of his 1000 best songs.

Let’s see if the maestro turns up to ignite the flames of a long lost friendship yet again.

We just wish they sort out their differences as soon as possible and get together to weave magic for the Tamil industry. Don’t you too?



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