Why this Kolaveri di hits Mumbai

Why this Kolaveri hits Mumbai

The Kolaveri effect is shaking a building or two in amchi Mumbai lands too. Ok!!! for those who still have switched off their radios due to the fear of being Kolaverified, don’t worry the disease is here to stay or so does it sound with every nook and corner joining in the party.

Just 5 days into the official audio launch Dhanush’s Flop song for the Soup boys is stirring a wave of national integration to say the least (lol…… blame it on the Kolaveri disease…hmm).The video for the Kolaveri number has hit a record high 12,85,700 views till date and of course it’s still counting. With the rising trend of Tamil hits in Appidu Poddu , and Nakka Mukka being recently taken to Bollywood lands, this new sensei named “Why this Kolaveri di” has already made it’s way up North, airing in radio stations in Mumbai and neighboring regions. Every broken heart and even the ones yet to break a heart are jumping across their rooms simply questioning each other “Why this Kolaveri di?”

This one’s for the strikers and the crazy bikers, are you yet Kolaverified?if not here you go……

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  1. spoilers

    kolavari di as became a buzz word in twitter even anand mahindra(M&M owner) tweeted koliveried lol guys this called unexpected viral

  2. lol

    This is the worst song thats come in tamil. Danus can only fit in roles like aduklam…coz you are one such guy. You can never reach even the foot of Rajini. Rajini had a style which was his natural talent. It was his spontaneous flow. People were instantly attracted. Also, he is a very huble human being. You are self boasting yourself..your wife is trying to make you his heir in the films… which can never happen. you just do what comes good to you…like the adukalam. If a song is a real good one…it will be an instant hit by itself…does’nt need this artificial media hype… its a really poor one…very poor cheap lyrics…. sad to see fake comments pouringin…

  3. David Billa

    dei ni enna paitiakarana?Youtube le 12,85700 views in youtube shows that the song is a massive hit u silly bastard.

  4. sk

    This does not look like a cheap publicity at all. Why you are comparing Danish with Rajini in this forum. You do not look like a Rajini’s fan. You are just a Danush hater and using Rajini’s name to show your hatred towards Danush. Do you think your are in that group who feels themself as intellectual, special, decent etc etc. Around 13 Lakh viewers, more than 30,000 Likes and just few hundred dislikes proves that people like funny stuffs. Do not think people who liked it are fools.

  5. lol

    Ada mada pasangala…ithukku iththana peru replya..?? Intha song unofficialla leak pannittu…appram athuku badil originala release panromnnu solli oru song function vechi. Venumne news channells/papers kku news kuduthuttu.. .. ippo intha songa kelungannu solli kooovittu..ithana publicity kudutha.. yaaruukku thaan athu yennanu paka thonatthu? News paperla vanthathunala.. ellarum eppadi irukkunnu poi youtube la kettu pathu irukanga. Naanum thaan youtube la itha pottu keten… athukaga … keetavaukkelam pudichirukkunnu arthama? What a shame to think like that? If a song is a real hit….it does’nt need pre-publicity. It will earn its own.

  6. David Billa

    dei madaya, see how many people like the song in youtube.It shows its not juz out of curiosity.What do u meant by it does nt need publicity?U knw anything abt marketing?In other words, u r just a silly bastard lol

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