Why this Kolaveri di crosses 20 million mark

Why this Kolaveri di? crosses 20 million mark

Why this Kolaveri di crosses 20 million mark

The song Why this Kolaveri di? has made it to the record books once again. It has earned itself a jaw dropping 20,341,650 Youtube hits with the ‘3’ team extremely delighted crossing the big 20 million pillar. The song has already been covered in different versions even including a Punjabi version, equally appealing to the North Indain audiences as well.

Dhanush himself announced the good news to his fans saying, “Yayyyyyy 20 million views for Kolaveri !! Pa pa papa pa pa papa !! God bless”. With the song becoming a nationwide hit promoters Sony Music greeted Kolaveri people with the good morning message,“Kolaveri reaches one more milestone… 20 million youtube views.” It can be recalled that the team were already pretty sure of making it to the 15 million mark but with another 5 million hands vigorously clicking away, there wasn’t much that could be done about this overflow issue. Well it’s too early to even say that the Kolaveri effect has faded away.

So for now, let’s just keep clicking !!!



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