Why the talented Abhinaya not getting enough roles?


Despite her hearing disability which has had a telling effect on her speech, actress Abhinaya (of ‘Nadodigal’ and ‘Easun’ fame) hasn’t been spotted quite often on the big screen, which has raised quite a few eyebrows as actresses half-talented as Abhinaya seem to be quite busy with many film offers.

Director Ameer, known for his film-making abilities, lavished praise on Samuthirakkani last year when he said he felt ‘embarrassed’ that he couldn’t do what the latter did in giving ‘on-screen’ life to a deaf-dumb girl like Abhinaya and making her look like a perfect actress. Ameer said that the feat had never been achieved by any director the world over.

Queries with the actress’ household revealed that the ‘exorbitant fee’ demanded by her relatives could be the reason for the actress not being able to get enough offers. If only they showed more understanding, the beautiful and talented Abhinaya would be seen more often on big screen.

Will they do that?



  1. sameera

    Abhinaya is very pretty, talented and very nice person too. She must get a chance to prove it. All the best for her………………….


    Abinaya I am your fan since from the day i wached Nadodikal . Your simply the superb actrees and i mean it………….. All the best for you.

  3. Vasin

    Talent irntha mathikarathuku namba enna punniya bumileya irkom? Thamilnaatla.

    Inniku India England paartheengala? Namba Thamilnaadu evlau pinnadi poidichunu theriyaradha? All Bangaloreans look rich and good; Chenaiites look starved.

    Chennaila mattumla Thamilnaadu poora thappave irku. Politicians mattumla namba, nambaloda beliefs, ideas, values ellame thappa thaan irkanum. Ellatheyume clean panni maathanum.

  4. Boss

    Guys enough…stop acting as if u ppl @ good heart… If u guys hav a good heart show it to the ppl who r physically challenged in u r area & do something 4 dem. U can find lot of ppl lik dis who hav a great talents. Dont fake  u r self guys… Nothing u ppl can do but u guys knw to comment very well.

  5. erimalai

    sir…enna sir evan sori naai kadichaa maari pesuran….mela irukka newsukkum…nee sonna commentukkum ennada sambandam….

  6. Vetri

    Abhinaya is very talented . But may be certain directors may feel it as a tough task to train and teach the dialogues and lip sink, and making her understand the scenes and situations. Samuthirakani and Sasikumar were good and patient enough to bring out the talent from her.May be if certain directors can come forward like them , Abhinaya can go places.Its just my personal opinion.

    All the best for your future Abinaya.

  7. aravind

    Yes boss all the guys here commenting bcas she look very pretty and beautiful…….if sh is not physicall attractive nobody would comment her positively

  8. Vasin

    Dei Maanga Naan enna sampanthama peseren? Namba psychology approach sense of fairness ellam thappu engren! Nee ellam computer’oda vanthute!

  9. ...

    Namma ellarumae ulla vaelaya paakaama use illaatha cinema newsa padichuttu,
    comments la aratai adikirrom.
    Ithula yaen naattu makkala pathi comment pannireenga.

    be the change you want to see.
    if u r really concerned
    please quit useless activities and try to do something productive for people
    dont argue here.

  10. aravind

    Why u always find fault with tamils……do u like to see dhanush wearing suits and tuxedos in Adukalam movie????its the character that decides the costumes…. and also the tickets for blore match costs about minimum of 1500 bucks..so people would be pretty wealty to buy the tickets…also it happens in chennai..why u always ill treat our people….

  11. Vasin

    What is your problem @aravind?

    I feel jealous and I don’t like to see everyone taking over Thamilar. I want Thamilar to reevaluate everything about them and change fast. This piece of news causes me to think there is no one virtuous Director in Thamil who would challenge himself to make Abhinaya a success.

    Abhinaya’ku vaay asaika mudyatha? Matha actresses kooda dubbing’la thaan nadikaranga. Aana namba directors cinema kaaranga enna pesikuvaanga theriyuma? Intha oomaiku chance kudukarathu pathaathu kaasu vera kekutha. Namba aalunga apdi thaan irkaanga.

  12. Vasin

    That is bloody old man’s advice. Velaya Paaru nu solrathu India’la romba sahajam. Inga yaarum vela paarkama vettiya irka mudiyathu. You see you are following the ideas that were formed when India was poor and inept. Our forefathers may be good souls but they were cowards and fools. Do not repeat them now. 

  13. aravind

    Do u think only good style and dressing sense would make tamils at par with old people???i want you to give good and useful comments…not always u r opinion abt dres and style….

  14. killiadi

    he is a loser. all he worries abut it lunkies n shit. i fink ppl who tlk lyk tat wear those sort of stuff

  15. Vasin

    Dei Sri Lanka Potato Thamil’um sarila English’um sarila Brain single dimensional Bum illa Poda Inga varathe!

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