Who will taste sweet pongal? Vijay, Dhanush or Karthi


With just 10 days to go for Pongal, one of the major festivals of Tamiliains living worldwide, the box-office is gearing up for three major releases on the coveted day. Vijay’s much-awaited ‘Kaavalan’, Dhanush’s much-delayed ‘Aadukalam’ and Karthi’s much-talked about ‘Siruthai’ would be releasing on Pongal to vie for honours. 3-4 films other than the ones referred are also likely to be released on Pongal.

Vijay’s fans are dying to have him back on screen after a string of flops. In Vijay’s own words, he has played an ‘unconventional role’ which would appeal to all sections of the audience. Vijay, however, faced many hurdles (which he attributed to the ‘political pressure’) in getting the theatres of his choice. He some how has  managed to have the last laugh on this count.

Click here for Kaavalan Stills

Vijay badly needs a hit not only to sustain his billing as a top star in the industry but also to satisfy his fans and theatre-owners. Vijay’s political aspiration is said to be very much dependent on the film’s outcome.

Dhanush’s ‘Aadukalam’, directed by Vetrimaran who directed him in ‘Polladhavan’ a few years ago, has raised expectations with the odd backdrop of the story.

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Karthi’s double-roles in ‘Siruthai’ is also being eagerly looked forward to by his fans as well as by the critics who would analyze his skills in playing those dual roles so early in his career.

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Besides, lyricist Paa Vijay’s ‘Ilaignan’ is also to make it to the theatres on the Big Day.

Let’s see who wins the race!



  1. Sasi

    i think it is now paced like this 
    1. Karthi, Siruthai ( sun tv )
    2. Dhanush, Aadukalam( Sun tv)
    3. Vijay, Kaavalan, no proper theatre, due to bloddy dmk politics.

    But i would wish Vijay to rock the collections, but dont want asins movie to be hit.

  2. kavi

    i am not vijay fan but compare with 3 trailer kavalan more better…but definatly  aadukalam will hit in screen because distributed by sun picture..always sun pictures will hit in screen even the movie worst also will hit…

  3. guy

    it should be “Vijay’s much-delayed ‘Kaavalan’, Dhanush’s much-awaited ‘Aadukalam”.. kaavalan was supposed to be released in DEC, but bcos of the court issues it got delayed.. and it’s bcos of vijay’s previous movies tat no theatres wan to screen kaavalan.. jus bcos vijy’s dad met jayalalitha all now saying it’s bcos of political reasons.. but kaavalan’s trailer is not bad compared to his previous movies.. hope this movie gives him a much-needed break..

  4. முனியாண்டி

    யாராக இருந்தாலும் சரி. கண்டிப்பாக பரதேசி விஜய் கிடையாது……
    விஜயை இந்த list  இல் சேர்பதற்கு தகுதியே கிடையாது……………

  5. Pongal

    Coming Pongal Kavalan Pongal Dhalapathy Rockkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Don’t lose a word abt vijay Mr.Muniyandi

  6. rocky

    definatly kavalan movie hit the screen and give the much collection but adukalam and siruthai movies are distribt by sun picture his mention running successful,keep it in ur mind (mrmuniyandi)

  7. vijay

    paratheysi naye unnaku ellam vera vela illaya da. nee muniyandi illa oru saniyandi. enga thalapathy will rock da appa un suthu vayi ellam engatha kondu poi vechu pa

  8. Vasin

    Aadukalam poora lungi lungi; flop. Siruthai marupadiyum police; bore. So its Vijay;aana Asin thaan kelavi maathri irka.

  9. san33

    idhu oru topic ku nu aalu aalu nalla adichikirom. vijay prob oru pakkam wid theater & his prev movie producers ,otherthan that there has been lot of speech and msgs spread not to watch this movie in US bcos of Asin visit and shaking hands wid SL govt.. Also when I have seen one of her recent interview, when d interviewer asked that whether she is going to act in south as well.. she said that she isnt going to act in any industry otherthan bollywood as she broke into bollywood .shame on this ill gal.few weeks later,suddenly she came up in SUN tv  as she has started shooting for  kavalan  movie and gave a eye wash interview pretending to be so gud to ppl..she thinks she is very smart to cheat TN ppl and their sentiments.. I think dat, vijay,and the movie producers,directors knew the issue long bck and why the hell they want this aaya asin to act in dat movie.der r more cute heroines nowadays.. so dey deserve dis delay for the movie. and it cant be resolved bcos this lady never apologized rather trying to create scene saying I went for my duty dat is acting in movies den I did eye camp..all blah blah.. I strongly condemn that she shudnt act in any tamil movies, if ppl dnt watch her movie,den only it will be known how much ppl hate her and her comments on dat issue.

  10. san33

    whether these heroes taste sweet pongal or not who cares (anyways dey have and earn so much money n have  supportive family wt else dese ppl still need peace nu mattum sollidadhinga..) ; I wish everyone of us Advance happy n tasty pongal .be good do good. enjoy first festival of this year…

  11. sandy

    vijay film nalla irundha kuda  , sila website naadharinga   kevalama dha kudupanga reviews yella, becoz of DMK ,   theatres pudikkave ivlavu kashtam na, padathe otradhuku evlavu kashtama irukkum,,,….  vijay rockssssssssss   sun  pictures, red gaint suckssssssssssss

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