Who leads Diwali 2011 race – 7aam Arivu or Velayudham ?

Who leads Diwali 2011 race 7aam Arivu or Velayudham

Diwali 2011 was a definitive treat for Kolly people, with Ilayathalapathy Vijay’s Velayutham and Suriya’s 7aam Arivu vying for the top spot. But folks the wait is over and we are glad to declare the first week results.Suriya’s 7aam Arivu released on 25th October while Vijay starrer Velayudham released on Diwali day October 26th setting alight the Diwali celebrations. This is what the Chennai Box-Office reports look like:

1st place for 7am Arivu with a staggering 40.25 Crores

2nd place goes to Velayudham trying to catch up at 40 Crores(released in less number of theatres comparatively with 7aam Arivu)

3rd place was safely secured by Ra One.

The box office collections do reflect the fact that a good amount of Kolly fans’ do prefer cinema with a difference, which surely has been Suriya’s forte. Nevertheless Vijay too has been able to draw in the family audiences to the theaters, a thing our Ilayathalapathy has always been known to do with much ease. Appreciation has been flowing in from all corners for both the stars. Suriya even received appreciation from Thalaivar Rajinikanth for trying something new and another classic delivery from director A.R. Murugadoss.

So Suriya and Vijay fans, we just wanted you to scroll down and drop in your thoughts on this one. The comments section is right below, just in case you couldn’t find it!




  1. Suraj

    Velayudham is the best.. People go check the theatres… you can’t get Velayudham Movie Ticket… but 7aam not even house full

    I went to Ashok Pillar, there are 3 theatres Udhayam, Suriyan and sandhiran

    7aam Arivu showing in theature Udhayam and Mini Udhayarm…

    Velayudham — Suriyan and Sandhiran — .. I asked velayudham Movie Ticket and they gave 7aam Arivu movie ticket in the counter, they said Velayudham is full on both theatres… and I gave it back to him… and waited in the que for Velayudham next show.. Unfortunately next show is also already book and House full.. Finally I bought the movie 10 rs. ticket for 50 rs… in black… and watched the movie for 2nd time…

    Really to be honest it is one of the best film of Vijay.. Really superb.. and Vijay is a magician… the film doing extremely good… inside the theatre full of Fans Vissiling and Clapping for scene by scene….

    Go and Watch Velayudham, Don’t miss the theatre Experience with big crowd… and Enjoy yourself.. Entertainment Gurantee….

  2. Suraj

    Velyadhuam finding money container “It is better than Mankatha’s Swapping Money Container from one lorry to another… Great Joke… ” Ajith Fans are really brainless to accept it…

  3. Suraj

    7aam arivu is worst…. Girls only will watch that movie to see surya’s Six pack…. Jollus…. this movie should be rated “A” bcos suriya is exposing is body instead of exposing is talent….. First worst directed by A.R. Murugadoss…

  4. Suraj

    Ra-One is Cartoon movie only Kids can watch it…. If you want to see real heros watch Velayudham or 7aam arivu…

  5. Suraj

    Dai… Why tamil natula padam odalayam sir poiyitaru malasiyavuku… because since we don’t know how what’s happening in malayasia.. enna venumlalum solladha… they would have thought the movie is Sex Movie bcos surya coming without Dress.. may be that’s why!!! LOL… Surya started doing A films…. unable to see the movie with family…. should know how to cover the body instead of showing it….

  6. Suraj

    Velayudham film ku bayandhittu, both dhanush and Chimbu (Sombu)… they are releasing the movie after a month… Indha latchanathula.. Nanban padathuku pottiya…. Great COmedy… “Mark my words” no film can compete with the Movie Nanban… if anyone have guts.. release the movie when nanban releasing…. Vijay rule Kollywood…. for next few hours…

  7. Suraj

    Podanga.. It seems you are an Ajith fan.. Enna Ajith fan’s ku ellam pogayudhu pola iruku.. Vijay padam nalla irundha…. ungalaku thookam varadhey… enna panni fake rumors kalapalam nu always thinking.. Neenga enna pesanalam… Velayudham Rocks in theatre…..

    VIJAY is the BEST, King of Kollywood…

  8. Suraj

    Velayudham Padam Pakka Vandhu Ticket kadaikama pona meedhi ber than vera vayi illa ‘7aam arivu pakka poranga’ then think about Velayudham Grace…

    Velayudham VIjay Rocks……

    Vijay WON the race.. and he will keep winning many more races to come…. Nanbanda.. .

  9. anonymus

    can u be more respectful?? there r even sum kelevi who awaits for his upcoming movies… dun talk like idiots.. if u r a surya or ajith’s fans, then juz go on.. no one ask u to stop supporting them. think before u comment anythin..

  10. gerry kenny

    suraj, you’ve proven your point about the blind love you have for your leader, vijay. i am sure that when he asked his followers to campaign for jaya in the recent assembly elections, while he was resting peacefully at home or shooting & making money in the process, you were out there under the sun obeying him. what should one call you…a fan or follower or…? hmmm!

  11. Sudarshan

    To my knowledge 7am arivu is a flop and velayudham is an avg grosser I am a thala fan but I like vijay also but when odd years are concerned vijay didn’t have luck after 2007. His last hit in an odd year was in 2007 pokkiri. 2009 villu and vetaikaran both were flops with the former being a disaster 2011 kaavalan and velayudham were just avg grossers 2013thalaiva a flop 2015 puli utter flop 2017 bairava avg grosser I dont hate vjay coz thala-thalapathi both are good friends but thala comes first for me

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