Who is this Jaguar Thangam? Why is he against Ajith?What is Nadar peravai’s reply

Stunt master Jaguar Thangam is one person who is highlighting himself, by making serious commands on the Ajith issue. This personality who speaks very much for the society now, previously was well known for drooling over girls.

Now Jaguar Thangam is speaking on Eelam tamilar, Tamilachi, Katruppu and kappu, the same Jaguar Thangam  was involved in a misbehaving case against an actress named Anamika four years back. He was frequently in the news for that issue. He played a major role in pushing Anamika out of the industry.

Jaguar worked as the stunt master, in the initial films of Ajith and Prashanth. Later, he lost his oppourtunities due to his inefficiency. Now he is taking his revenge on Ajith. One thing Jaguar Thangam has to keep in his mind is that, Ajith is not a small personality like Anamika to get ride off.
He recieved best stunt  director for Poomani, and Vijay starring Priyamudan and Bhagavathi.
Now you should be able to guess….
Suryah kumar


Jaguar Thangam had called the support of the nadar peravai,  but this was the reply from the community of entrepreneurs



  1. Muthu Kumar

    I am not from that community but my favourite leader is karma veerar Kamarajar,the one and only uncorrupted congress leader.

    But Sharathkumar idiot had spoiled nadaar comunities name,Jaguar too tried the same, but your reply is too good and an example you have set to all tamilians

  2. Nalam Virumbi

    This jaguar needs to be kicked out from the industry..what is this name Jaguar ..peakwar ? idiot , stupid , looking for cheap publicity.. If you say anything about thala.next time, i will slap you in front with my chappals..

  3. babu

    ajith & rajini r right…gugha and jaguar….who the hell r u guys?..hw many films hav u taken so far?…this s india..we hv rights to talk…if u hv a guts…ask thalaivar rajini…u wont bcas…u two guys ll get balls cut…

  4. Akash

    All these controversies are showing what Ajith said was true. Respect for the Man who is very honest is increasing day by day. Now i don't mind call him as "Thala" though i was never his fan..seems i might become.

  5. Eelam man

    I don't know much about what's happening with this issue, but this man bringing his caste into this problem is very wrong, also connecting his caste and issue of eelam tamils in the same problem is very wrong as eelam tamil have come through this caste barriers, I did see Ajiths speech about forceful meeting attendance, as I am an eelam tamil I would appreciate if they showed some support towards the eelam tamils in any way possible but the nadigar sangams constant protest in vaste numbers is just pointless, in the sense that most people are viewing this as show rather than a problem. It should be that stars should participate in these meeting voluntarily not forced, also it seems that these nadigar sangam leadership (sarathkumar) is using this events as subconcious party meetings.

    Anyways the issue was simple Ajith complained that as the nadigar sangam leaders belong to respective Tamil Nadu political parties, they are trying to bring all the stars together and bring their names out, like sarathkumar using these people for his own benefit. Thats' the truth aswell, there is a lot of corruption in Tamil Nadu state, they should take actions against Jaguar Thangam for bringing caste issues into this problem which may be unfruitful also R A D A A N – N A A D A R, didn't know that before.

  6. raghu

    Jaguar waste fellow . . .. . thala kitta vachukatha vambu pinnadi thookuva sombu . . . . . . u don have any qualification 2 spell his name . .. . Thala da tharudhala. . . .

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