Which songs did GV Prakash copy in Deiva Thirumagal

Which songs did GV Prakash copy in Deiva ThirumagalAll creative work needs some inspiration as fuel, but hanging closely to your inspirations can be dangerous at times. Such is the case with Deiva Thirumagal’s song  titled ‘Pa Pa Pa Pa’ sung by Chiyaan Vikram himself. The song might have tinkled your ears for quite a while now but the news of it being a complete lift of from a song named Whistle Stop won’t suit the interests of ardent GV Prakash fans.

The original song Whistle Stop was composed for one of the Robin Hood movies in the West in the year 1973 and according to GV Prakash his ‘Pa Pa Pa Pa’ attempt was a conscious one as he remarked, “The song Whistle stop was stuck in Director Vijay’s head and he wanted something on the lines of the same, something with a nursery rhyme feel to it. That’s why we decided to center our thoughts towards Whistle Stop.” The Deiva Thirumagal composer also passed on his message, that there are other original songs in the album that are worth a listen.

Another song from the same album making it to the ‘copied numbers’ category  was ‘Jagada Thom’ inspired by a track titled Truth. However GV brushed off all accusations saying that the latter was his own original composition and ‘coincidence’ could have played dirty trick.

Wonder what GV Prakash fans have to say on GV’s borrowing tactics.


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