When is Trisha’s marriage?

trisha marriage

When is Trisha’s marriage? Trisha and  mother Uma answers for the question.

Trisha started acting in advertisements when she was at school itself. Trisha started her film career after winning the Miss Chennai Award. And her debut film to the industry was ‘Mounam Pesiyathae’. Though she acted first in the film ‘Lesa Lesa’, that film got released as Trisha’s fourth. News came out that Trisha’s parents have decided about her marriage. At present Trisha is busy in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi.

When Trisha  was asked this questionthe actress answered  “I haven’t thought of marriage yet and I will marry a person who possesses the characters of my desire. I love my mother and father a lot. I love to have chocolates. When I was a small kid I used to have food only after my mother gives me a chocolate. They get for me whatever I desire. When I told that I wanted to enter cinema at first they hesitated, later they agreed. I have lot of confidence and courage, both of which I got from my mother. I keep my room very clean and I don’t care about other rooms. I don’t know to cook. When I am at home I like to go to theater with my whole family. I watch the films which I acted numerous number of times.

Trisha’s mother while answering the question said “We give Trisha a lot of freedom and we are good friends to her. Trisha can marry the person whom she likes. Our only expectation is, the person should understand Trisha”.

Who is the lucky guy who is going to marry the dream girl of South India? We have to wait and see.



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