What’s Trisha’s 2011 Diwali wish?

Whats Trishas Diwali wish
While she could wish for a mansion (Now she does have one….) , many more movie offers ( guess she’s got her bag full and bursting) or even that special someone (we’ll have to re-confirm that once again….hehehe)…Kollywood’s reigning queen Trisha’s still got her baby love for pets intact. Regardless of the fact that she might be the most sought after actress in Kollywood Trish does take out time to look after her own pets and take care of any stray animal that needs a home sweet home.

When questioned what her wish was for this Diwali our cute lady had a very simple one as she said, “Please don’t burst those loud crackers it really scares the little ones and they have to hide under cars and garages to feel safe.” Infact she recently sent out a public announcement to all her fans requesting them to adopt one of her newly found pet, a female mongrel just 5-6 months old who was looking for a new home.(and thanks for dropping in your comments….we did receive a lot of requests….) Trisha is back from her Canadadian escape and is now spending her time with her loved ones back in home land this Diwali.
Now that’s a sweet wish….we promise you Trish this one will be just Diyas…. we are right away launching an exclusive campaign JUST FOR YOU which reads SAY NO TO CRACKERS !…People come on show some love…..



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