Wax statue for Super Star Rajinikanth

Rajini and Mohan Babu
Rajini and Mohan Babu

As Rajinikanth celebrated his birthday on Dec 12, after a ceremonial remarriage to Latha at the Sashtiabthapoorthi event arranged by his family members at Poes gardens.

Everyone kept wondering where the must have been on the special day. As guessed the star  was in Hyderabad to celebrate his birthday with  close pal and Telugu actor Mohan Babu , Mohan babu along with  his family was seen waiting at Shamshabad International airport in Hyderabad a day before December 12th.Making our job easier to click a snap of the friends.

Well if you are not down with hearing endhiran making it way into the Top 50 movies list of IMDB, there is some more for you Rajni fanatics the news is that Rajni’s set to be made as a wax statue at the London’s prestigious Madame Tussauds museum by September 2011.

Fan association’s of Rajnikanth are in full support and have gone ahead in requesting the Nadigar Sangam for support. NRI fan associations of Rajnikanth, based in USA are demanding more support to make the even t grandeur in its truest sense.

Thalaivar is an international star his legend will continue to live on in the coming days. He surely is having a great post birthday blast too.



  1. Mr.X

    தலைவா !! உள்ளுக்குள்ள சக்கரவர்த்தி !!  ஆனா உண்மையல மெழுகுவர்த்தி!!பெத்தெடுத்தது உன் தாய் !! ஆனா உன்னை  தத்தடுததது  தமிழ் !!  தாயேயும் தமிழையும் !! என்றும் மறக்காதே !! தலைவா !!

  2. hi

    everyne support, spread the news. it will be easy to mae the statue because they done all the scanning, etc in endhiran, so they just need to collect info and make. spread the word

  3. propertycheck360.com

    avan avan sothukku vali illamal kasta padaran…help poor and needy…no meaning in projecting such selfish bastard as a demogod

  4. lotsOfYouthSpoiledByRajini

    How to oppose for his statue, why not good people not getting this much fame and popularity, why this short minded, color changing and speaking like ‘Thakkaray is my god’ guy gets popularity,  I think he got luck, his fans are true and innoncent but they got nothing otherthan wasted their money and time for this selfish guy at the end he throws some money to make sure people believe him.  Anyway I also like his some of the movie but it is not  because of him it is full team of that movie.

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