Watch A R Rahmans international music video Miracle Worker

AR Rahmans Band Super Heavy

Here is a review of A.R Rahmans exclusive adult contemporary debut single ‘Miracle Worker’ with his international band Super Heavy. The video was released yesterday 12 August, 2011 online to a global audience. The music video starts off with Damian Marley and Joss Stone engaging in a musical chit chat across the street with the words, “Now this one reaching out to all the lovers who might be thinking of breaking up..huh! or maybe, making up…. check it !” and later Joss joining in, “I missed a part of you I can’t get back.”

Rahman makes an entry at : 37 secs in his plush car and later pops out of his vehicle at sharp 2:23, welcomed by colorful Indian dancers against a backdrop of a tattoo store and an eerie future teller shop where Mick is grooving away in his bubblegum pink jacket Soon the band members give their warm hugs to Rahman and they launch off to the stage for a ‘pulsating reggae intoxicated’ concert with Joss doing her enticing part pretty well and Mick turning heads with his striking pinkish looks. Rahman joins in with the beautiful chorus singing ‘oooh I’m a Miracle worker” and bet you everyone cheers out loud and blue.

The band Super Heavy consists of Mick Jagger – lead vocalist of classic rock band Rolling Stones, Dave Stewart –founder of Eurythmics , world renowned vocalist  Joss Stone , Damian Marley – son of legendary reggae sensation Bob Marley and Indian sensei – A.R. Rahman.

Needless to say the hypnotic single does leave your eardrums with the words‘uuhh uuhh I’m a Miracle worker’ ringing on and on. 



  1. Pooja Devi

    dei kenakkkoooooooooo, nee anga poi pichaikkaaran music podaraiye IlAIYA rAJA VELLAKAARANAKKOOTTI VELAI VANNGURAAR PAAR ATHUDA, NEE DEI rehman porambokku nee evlothaan velaakaaran pinnnaadi suthi suthi music pottaaalum enga mariyaathai unakku illada dei podaa, vellakkaarankitta poi pichai edudaa. dei award psyco dei award money and fame psycho. pudingi dei podaaaaaaaa pichai edudaaaaaaaa, toilet laa awad koduthaalum poi  Q ninnu award vanguvaan paa rehman. Foregin kaaran india vula marketting panrathukku evlodaaaa thuttu vaangauraaaaa dei ?

  2. Ibrahim

    Ayokkiya raaskal kaluthaikku theriyaathudaa katrpoora vaasanai….unakku nut loose athaalthaan anaavasiyamaa Ilaya rajavayum ARRum compare pannuhiraai….Podaa erichchal thaanga mudiyaama ippadi ulaaraama….po…poi choo adichchittu padudaa…porampokku mudam….

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