Vote for AIADMK to shun rowdyism, Radharavi urges


Actor and secretary of the Nadigar Sangam, Radharavi has urged the voters to vote en masse for the AIADMK and its allies in the upcoming election to ensure that ‘rowdyism’ is rooted out from our society.

Radharavi campaigned extensively in the city in support of AIADMK candidate Prabhakar at Villivakkam. He addressed many street-corner meetings from his van and asked the people to exercise their franchise and not stay ‘indoors’ due to the stifling heat or for any other reason.

“Only if Amma is voted to power would the rowdies and their rowdyism be put out of society to rid people of the miseries they have been facing on a daily basis. Incidents of abduction of children would also be brought to an end and law and order would be enforced strictly if Amma comes to power,” thundered Radharavi.




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