Vivek on Uthamaputhiran

vivek-uthamaputhiranDhanush and Vivek duo worked out well in Padikkathavan and now they are all set to rock in Uthamaputhiran too. Initially Vivek was hesitant to the role but later gave up on request of Dhanush.

On this Vivek Says “When Dhanush asked me to play a role in Uthamaputhiran, I was initially a bit hesitant. Dhanush is the central point in the film and the story moves around him. So, I really had no clue how exactly I could fit in add my value into it. But then, I realised that Dhanush was very particular that I play the role and I finally gave in,”

Also seems the comedian had a blast shooting at the shooting spot Says “It was a pleasant experience working for Mithran He is one director who knows how to get the job done. I’m now really glad I did the film. It has come out extremely well. In fact, I would like to say that this film would have a unique place in my film career,”

Expecting a fresh script of Comedy.



  1. santhanam the comedy king

    deiii dappaaa mandayaaa nee first double meaning la pesaradha niruthu da apo dha makkaluku unna pidikum deiii nee s.j surya ellam onu da… 

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