Vivek on Anna Hazare

Vivek saplings at Anna University

Comedian Vivek has observed that the ‘Anna radiation’ is spreading like wildfire throughout the country which is a good sign of things to come. The comedian was taking part in an environment awareness-creating programme held inside the campus of Anna University and inaugurated a campaign to plant as many saplings as possible.

“I have plans to plant a minimum of 10 lakhs saplings. I observe a radiation which is reaching the nook and corner of the country for the past ten days. The 74-year old Anna Hazare’s struggle to root out corruption from public life should be appreciated by all at every level. The Gandhian’s sincerity in realizing his ambition is awesome. I see many Hazares among the student folk.

Shri Abdul Kalam, former president of the country, has exhorted the public to plant 10 crore saplings. Under our ‘Pasumai Kalam’ scheme, we have been trying out best to plant 10 lakhs saplings by the end of December. Many NGOs like Exnora have joined hands with us. Our primary target is to create awareness among the rural folks to grow more and more trees.

“Trees bring rains which improve the agricultural prospects of our country. I, therefore, appeal to you to plant more saplings,” concluded Vivek.


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