Vivek Oberoi’s ‘Prince’ to be dubbed in Tamil and Telugu

vivek oberoi

Its time for Vivek Oberoi to make it to Kollywood and Tollywood. His recent work ‘Prince’ would be released in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu says Producer Kumar Taurani. Directed by Kookie V. Gulati, the film is releasing on April 9.

‘Prince’ is the story of a thief who wakes up one morning to realise that he has lost his memory and his life is at stake. Apart from Vivek, it also features Nandana Sen.

We are dubbing the film in Tamil and Telugu and we are really going for a very good quality. We are releasing simultaneously and we are also promoting it well in those territories,” Kumar Taurani told media.

Vivek Oberoi is a popular name in Tamil Nadu particularly after he adopted the Devanampattinam village near Cuddalore after it was devastated by killer Tsunami in 2004.

After this Vivek Oberoi will appear along with Suriya in RGV’s ‘Raktha Charitha’ which also has all the chances to be dubbed in Tamil.


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