Vivek Oberoi offered prayers to Lord Ayyapa

Vivek in Raktha Charitra
Vivek in Raktha Charitra

Vivek Oberoi made his first spiritual trip after marriage to the shrine of Lord Ayyapa .The star completed offering his prayers just in the right time as the venue Vandiperiyar in Idukki also made headlines for the unruly stampede.

The incident claimed more than 100 innocent lives who visited the venue to offer their humble prayers to Ayyapa.Oberoi visited the place on Thursday night and soon returned to Mumbai after observing Makara Jyothi.

Vivek, a firm believer in Lord Ayyapa has been maintaining the ritual for the past 13 years now.

As of now the Raktha Charitra actor would be delighted to be back with his family.


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  1. aravind

    Kerala Government is totally waste…if something happened like this in any other state they would have made lot of problem…..kerala government sucks….feeling pity for that lost souls…

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