Vivek Oberoi’s Visit to Srilanka pushes Rattha Charithram into troubles

Ram gopal’s first film as director in Tamil ‘Rattha Charithram’ seems to be in trouble after the careless Vivek Oberoi. The story of ‘Raktha Charithiram’ is based on the life of a rowdy ‘Baritala Ravi’ in Andhra who later turned out to be a politician. The film is been directed in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. Vivek Oberoi plays the role of Baritala Ravi and Surya plays the role of the Suri, the person who killed the rowdy.

In Telugu and Hindi, the film is getting released in two parts, in the first part Vivek Oberoi alone plays the lead and in the second Surya plays the lead. In Tamil version both the parts are combined together into one.

The South Indian films association has warned  that it would not allow screening the films of actors who participate in the IIFA function to be held in Sri Lanka. Big Stars like Amitab Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan are not participating in the IIFA function. But Vivek Oberoi has gone to Sri Lanka to attend the IIFA function and moreover he is dancing for a song in the function.

Due to these actions of Vivek Oberoi, there seems a  trouble awaiting for  screening ‘Rattha Charithram’ in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.



  1. Anonymous

    Vivek Oberoi is not sensitive to the Tamils plight. His movie should be boycotted by all who believe in equality of mankind.

  2. Anonymous

    No Vivek is really special to tamilnadu, for his help during the tsunami. and now too Vivek has landed in Srilanka to build schools to rehabilitate Tamil children in war torn regions.

    Support Vivek who is trying to bring in project hope to Tamil Regions of Srilanka.

  3. Anonymous

    he could have still helped the tamil people without taking part in the ceremony (phony Indian International awards). There can be only 2 reasons for him to have attended, 1. he dint realize the actual situation in srilanka and what the Sinhalese gov did to the tamil people (as most of them) or 2. Money n publicity. Irrelevant of what was the reason his film should be boycotted as said even if that involves bringing down suriya. I hope the tamil unioins stick to their word and dont fall for the pressure of money and politics.

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