Vishnuvardhan reveals why he is out of Billa 2


Vishuvardhan has revealed why he could not materialize Billa 2.Our close source inquired the director and this is what he had to say on the same.

Billa 2 was a prestigious project was there a reason that you decided to part ways with Ajith Kumar?

It is just about being ethical. I was really confused between two world’s (referring to Billa 2 and Pawan Kalyan’s untitled film.)I had already started shoots for my Telugu movie longtime before the second installment of Billa arose. I eventually came to a conclusion when I discussed this with my wife who suggested me to stick to my Telugu project.

Meanwhile Thala Ajith , has found a substitute in Chakri Toleti to direct his venture as they are aiming for a launch of the movie in May 2011.IN Entertainment (India) of Hinduja Group and Wide Angle Creations of Suresh Balajee and George Pius will produce the movie according to latest reports.

Only time will tell how costly this decision will turn out for Vishnuvardhan?

We are certain Thala will put in his best to rock at the box office!



  1. Thala Here....

    Dey Vishnu unaku eruku da… unodiya Telugu padam flop aayi enudaya Billa 2 hitagattum aparama parru unaku Tamil padathilaya edam ellamae pannurae… Pondati pechu kaekariya….Thu.. managaetavanae…

  2. Mohana

    Dei thala fan aa iruntha oru arumaiyaana director ai ippadiya thittuvathu Vishnuvum Yuvanum thaandaa ajithai Billa vula thookkivittargal enbathai ninaithu paar

  3. Loosu Thala

    Loosu “Thala Here but not brain There” : Pondatti pecheye ketkarathil ennada thaapu irrukku, typical pshyco mentality. we are in 21st century still having thoughts like a old person. Sorry for your mother….

  4. Thala Here....

    Dey loosu payalae… Padam Vishnu panurana  ellae avan Podatti panaralla. If his wife comes from film background den der is a logic to listen her words. He should beleive himself first den he should listen to his wife. Always hav u r own opinion loosu.

    Suppose in future u r wife says i lik Thala & if she seeks u r permission 2 go wit him, wil u let her go. Nee pondatti pecheye ketkuriya ella mama velae panruya…. Solluda Nara payalae… 

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