Vishnu’s Friday Mania

Vishnu's Friday Mania

Actor Vishnu who made his debut with Suseenthiran’s acclaimed hit Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu, is upbeat as within a week of the release of his Bale Pandiya (Sep 3), his upcoming movie Drogi is scheduled to hit the screens on September 10.

The cricketer-turned-actor who just had his Bale Pandiya release is eagerly awaiting for the release of his upcoming movie Drohi, directed by Debutant lady director Sudha K. Prasad. Drohi is a double hero subject featuring Vishnu and Srikanth in the lead roles as tough guys.

A short interview of Vishnu:

Friday Mania!

Yes. While Bale Pandiya release this Friday (Sep 3), my next film ‘Drohi’ is schedule to hit the screens on next friday(Sep 10). I feel happy as Bale Pandiya is receiving good response from the audiences.

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Both Balee Pandiya and Drogi are drastically different. Bale Pandiya is a comic caper whereas Drohi will be in total contrast to this as it is a thriller. So I’m anxious about the audience’s reaction for Drohi too.

Rustic villager to City youth

After played the role as the lanky kabadi-crazy villager Marimuthu which earned me lots of fans, I wanted to do a city-based subject which should be different and commercial.I’m particular about experimenting with my look and costume in every film. I don’t want to get stuck in my debut film mould.

About Drohi

“The single-line theme of the film is that ‘we all have been betrayers (‘Drohi’) at some point in time to somebody in life.”, says Vishnu.

Reports suggested that Vishnu was quite skeptical about being part of Drohi initially, as a debutant director (women), has approached and thought it was going to be a romantic movie, but was quite taken aback after reading the script of Drohi.

Vishu confesses that “When they first told me that a woman director was making a film and that they wanted me to be a part of the project after going through her script, I told them that I would get back to them in three days. Expecting a love story, I opened the script. The first word shocked me. It was an expletive. I continued to read and couldn’t put the script down until I had finished it — all in three hours flat. It was explosive stuff and I called back immediately to tell them that I would do the project.”

About Debutant director Sudha:

Sudha K Prasad, an assistant of director Mani Ratnam is making her debut with Drohi and the Drohi team says she is a tough taskmaster.

Proving that the Director Sudha, being a tough taskmaster, bringing out the best of what her team had to offer, Vishnu states that. “Director Sudha would keep us on our feet all the time. In fact, out of the 40 days that I shot, I had to stand even while having my meals on 35 days,”

Had fun with co-stars:

Balae Pandiya was a fun team. Piaa Bajpai and I bonded well because she felt comfortable talking to me in Hindi. And I guess, the comfort level off-screen resulted in good on-screen chemistry.

I admire people who can’t speak Tamil, but lip sync so beautifully. It’s not an easy job.
Two female actors(Poonam Pajwa and Poorna) play significant roles in Drogi. I felt a little uncomfortable in the romantic portions. I had to give ten takes for a scene in which I hug the heroine! And yes, those rumours of romantic dalliance are all baseless.

Where does your real interest lie? Cricket or acting?

I’m a fairly accomplished cricketer — have played for the State, South Zone and Rest of India. I’ve enjoyed a good rapport with top stars of the cricket world and have played with many of them. It was while recuperating after an injury that I caught up with films.

Gradually, disappointments on the cricketing front made me turn away from the game and pursue a career in films. It was a struggle getting a break in Kollywood. I crossed several stumbling blocks before I got one. Cricket and my MBA help me handle my career and life better.


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