Vishnu Charan in Unga Veettu Pillai meets kalaignar

Tamil Cinema industry seems to be attracting several politicians’ sons and grandsons of late and the latest to join this list is Vishnu Charan, the grandson of former education Minister  Se. Aranganayagam

He is making his debut as an actor in Unga Veettu Pillai, which is directed by newcomer Prashanth.

Along with the film’s producer Pravees Kuzhupalli on behalf of Leela Productions and director Prasanth, the actor met the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi to seek his blessings and later new hero was introduced to the media at a launch function on Sunday with CM’s wife Rajatthi Ammal lighting the kutthu vilakku. Ashitha and Surabhi are the two new heroines making their foray into tinsel town with this movie.

Those who took part on the occasion include Ministers Jagathratchagan, Pongothai, Aranganayagam, Sargunapandian and Ramanarayanan among others.



  1. aroopam

    vilaivasi eruthu…ivanungalukku padam panna engirinthu kasu varuthoo…andava engala kapathu<span> </span>

  2. Anonymous

    what is tamil cinema industry coming to?! already filled with politicians and to make it even better, they are bringing in their sons!

  3. tamil

    Its fault of us,the audience..

    The cinema industry will become den of the Politicians and Progeny of Actors,producers and director.

    All dumbass can act,eventually after some years they ll become mass heroes and earn 5 crores ,whereas with their knowledge if they any enter any field ,its doubt whether they can only survive.

    First the Cine industry should be streamlined ,it is where all black money is freely rotated. And of-course the earning of all cine industry professionals should be corrected.

    Just  because people following the hero doesnt entitle them to earn CRORES. If the crores are lakhs of salary is not in the system,we can expect Quality Films,people with Genuine interest only will involve.

    The industry is over rated and the revenue generated should be atleast reasonably shared between all technicans.

    The foolish PRODUCERS just to book some hero they rise the remuneration of the heroes to Crores. Malayalam industry they dont pay much,instead producing one Mega budget Masala film they produce 5 quality movies.

  4. tamillan

    why he giving free house for flim industry people. many people not having food . its they fault to entering to film industry. to become an quick rich man

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