Vishals World Record in Balas Avan Ivan

Vishal Avan Ivan

Vishal is awaiting with bated breath the release of his upcoming film ‘Avan Ivan’ which has been made meticulously by director Bala. Known for films with in-depth scripts, Bala’s ‘Avan Ivan’ stars Vishal and Aarya in never-before-seen roles.

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Scotching rumours that he has played a transgender in ‘Avan Ivan’, Vishal says that he would love to play such a role if he is offered the same by any producer or director in future. “In Avan Ivan though, my role is not that of a transgender but a person with squint eyes. I struggled a lot and underwent great difficulty in maintaining the particular ‘stare’ for the character throughout the film.

“Aarya and I have played brothers in the film who are professional petty thieves. In this context, I should admit that it’s a dream come true for me to have had the opportunity in starring in a film made by Bala Sir. I’m thankful to Aarya without whose help this (starring in Bala’s film) wouldn’t have been realized.

“Bala Sir himself is an excellent actor and made things easy for me. I’d be happy if Bala Sir and Arya manage to win national awards for this film. The ‘squint eye’ idea was accidental; I was casually practicing it when Bala Sir saw it and told me to practice the look so that I could appear in the same manner in the entire film.

“I consulted an ophthalmologist who advised me against trying out such a look for a long time and said that it might even cause ‘damage’ to the brain. I didn’t give up and went ahead with it. I’m thankful about the fact that I happen to be the only actor who has performed such a role for the full duration of the film worldwide,” concluded Vishal.



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