Vishals reptilian act for Bala in Avan Ivan

Vishal in Avan Ivan


As if Avan Ivan didn’t have its share of mind boggling surprises we now hear that Vishal has done another special stunt in the movie. Vishal who is playing a squint eyed character in the movie and expectantly a transgender too has now pulled off a ‘reptilian’ act in the movie.

We heard that Director Bala wanted Vishal to climb down a tree upside down imitating a reptile for one of the scenes(now try imagining that). No matter how unreal it may sound when the stunt director pointed out that it’s extremely impossible to pull this stunt it only got Bala disappointed. Now Vishal didn’t want to let down his director and after a week’s time he did the impossible, climbing down a tree upside down just like a reptile.

After Vikram’s the 4 legged ‘Chithan’ in Pithamagan and Arya the cannibalistic ‘Aghori’ in Naan Kadavul it’s Vishal following up with his reptilian act.

Bala is leaving his animal traits in Avan Ivan too which is expected for April 7th 2011.


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