Vishal:I will never act in a movie like Avan Ivan

vishal squint-eyed thief

Vishal is awaiting with bated breath for the release of his upcoming film ‘Avan Ivan’ which has been made meticulously by director Bala. The film, which has music by Yuvan Shankar Raja, has Vishal and Arya playing roles that both have never essayed so far in their respective careers. The icing on the cake, observers point out, would be Vishal’s ‘squint-eyed’ act throughout the film.

Vishal, though feels very proud to be a part of Bala’s ‘Avan Ivan’, has said that he would never ever agree to play such a role in future, even if he is offered a hefty sum.

On his tough experience, he says, “In Avan Ivan, my role is of a person with squint eyes. I struggled a lot and underwent great difficulty in maintaining the particular ‘stare’ for the character throughout the film. The trials and tribulations that I underwent during the making of Avan Ivan was something that can’t be described with mere use of words. I consulted an ophthalmologist who advised me against trying out such a look for a long time and said that it might even cause ‘damage’ to the brain. I didn’t give up and went ahead with it.

I’m thankful about the fact that I happen to be the only actor who has performed such a role for the full duration of the film worldwide. My well wishers say that I might find a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for it.

I’m thankful to Aarya without whose help this (starring in Bala’s film) wouldn’t have been realized. Arya who has been my friend for the past 16 years, is a great person who doesn’t have any ego, jealous.”

Vishal is currently acting in another Tamil film ‘Prabha’, which is being directed by Prabhudeva. On his marriage plans, the actor says, ““I’ve absolutely no plans for marriage in the near future.”



  1. jeev

    Keep going Vishal… do different roles… dont get attracted towards heroism subjects and become like many nonsense stereotype heros..

  2. cyrusdass

    Bravo vishal. Its time that you should show versatility in acting and i think you should be proud of what you have done in avan ivan. Im sure bala would have given you the time and space to perform even better. Good luck and wish you all the best.

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