Vishal wants Amma to vote in Nadigar Sangam elections


Vishal, the head of the warring group against Sarath Kumar (incumbent president of Nadigar Sangam), has said that he would soon be meeting chief-minister J. Jayalalithaa to discuss about ways of holding the elections to the Sangam at en early date. He also added that he would urge the chief-minister to vote in the Nadigar Sangam elections as she is a ‘senior member’ of the Sangam.

Addressing a meeting of drama artistes and their families in Salem, Vishal said that “I and my supporters are here braving many obstacles placed on our paths to prevent us from coming here. We are also threatened from attending such meetings in Namakkal and Trichy. However, we are determined to go ahead as we are sure the artistes and their families support our faction.

“Present office-bearers of the Sangam haven’t yet replied to my queries about the various corruption and irregularities taking place in the Sangam’s activities. I even got threats because I raised queries. However, the support of actors such as Nassar, Ponvannan, Karthi and Karunas, has been of great help. We have proof to establish irregularities and corruption charges. Sangam is bound to reply to my questions.

“We plan to meet the chief-minister soon to brief her about the various corrupt activities taking place in the Sangam. We also would request her to cast her vote in the Sangam elections as a senior member of the Sangam. We hope she would listen to us and help in conductiong the elections to the Sangam at an early date,” Vishal concluded.


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