Vishal sealed with 30 kisses from Sameera Reddy

Vishal sealed with 30 kisses from Sameera Reddy

Vishal-Prabhu Deva upcoming flick Vedi has sprung some decent surprises with heroine Sameera Reddy and music composer DSP dancing away at the Howrah bridge to a nice peppy number earlier. Now it has been reported that while shooting for one of the so called ‘scenes’  hot-legs  Sexy Sam and her hero Vishal engaged in some serious kissing games.

Sources present at the shoots report that Sameera and Vishal were shooting for a scene where Sameera had to casually walk in and deliver her sweet dialogue and plant an even sweeter kiss on Vishal cheeks (strictly once, as directed by an on-duty Prabhu Deva).But to Prabhu’s and other’s surprise our Sexy Sam didn’t seem to get her dialogues flying from her lips and her repeated mistakes tallied to a total 30 times as a lucky Vishal was gifted with a kiss every single of the ‘30’ retakes. If once it was the kiss next time it was the dialogue that didn’t work well, as a dutiful Prabhu Deva filmed every little peck from multiple angles just to make sure he didn’t lose the best shot. “Each time she was kissing me, she was forgetting the dialogues and when she did say the lines perfectly, the kiss went for a toss! In the process, she ended up kissing me on my cheeks thirty times,” disclosed a happy Vishal, who eventually lost the game returning a shameless 10 kisses to Sam.

The flick titled Vedi ( now that’s a smooch-ing hot title ) is up for a September 29th release.



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    Prabhu deva is not golti…he is goobe(kannadiga)….(Dear kannadigas,this is to be taken as a joke and is strictly not intended to hurt you!)

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