Vishal denies selling off his house to settle Radhika’s loan

vishal-radhikaActor Vishal has denied reports which appeared in some sections of the press yesterday citing that the lanky actor had ‘sold off’ his palatial house in Chennai to pay off the loan amount he had owed to Radika, actress and chief of Radaan Media Network (P) Ltd. The trouble arose when Radhika’s Raadan took over the distribution rights of Vishal’s Vedi late last year.

Vishal reportedly entered into an agreement to pay Rs.12 crore to Radaan for taking up the release of Vettai. It is said that he had paid Radaan only Rs.3 crore and the remaining amount of Rs.9 crores has created some ‘animosity’ between him and Radhika, who owns Radaan. Radhika promptly filed a complaint against Vishal with the Tamil Film Producers’ Council (TFPC) and the Nadigar Sangam.

In her complaint, she had alleged that Vishal had gone back on the written agreement to pay Rs.12 crore to her firm for taking up the release of Vettai. “The cheque for Rs.9 crores given by Vishal has since been returned by his bankers for want of funds. I tog in touch with him many times but the balance remains unpaid. I request your intervention to ensure that my due money is returned to me,” the complaint had said.

Vishal has reportedly sold off his palatial house in Anna Nagar in Chennai to clear the loan but the actor has denied it. “I’ve not sold my house to clear the loan to be given to Radhika. I don’t have any property in my name in Chennai and Hyderabad and the question of selling of the property doesn’t arise at all. It’s my brother Vikram who has to pay the amount to Radhika. My name has unnecessarily been dragged in the issue,” clarifies Vishal.


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