Visha Naagam is the tale of the avenging snake


L.V. Productions have named their upcoming film as ‘Vishanaagam’. As the title aptly suggests, the film is all about snakes, their feelings and their oft-repeated vengeful attitude. The film is the dubbed version of the Hindi film ‘Jagme Naagin’.

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A host of newcomers in Tanveer, Bhavana Sharma and Kanchana make their debut with ‘Vishanaagam’, with all the three of them playing the lead roles in the film, which has been widely shot in Mumbai, Goa, Chennai and its suburbs. The film has five songs, set to score by Ahmed.

A group of six journos visit a forest in the dead of the night after reading reports in the newspaper which said that a particular spot in the forest gets illuminated during a ‘specific’ time in the night. Their car accidentally runs over and kills a snake. The snake’s wife takes a methodical and calculated revenge on all the six in-mates of the car. The sequences have been narrated in a rather interesting manner so as to hold the viewers’ interest for more than two hours.

Directed by Sirish Jain, the dubbed version has dialogues penned by Selvadurai and lyrics by Tamizh Amudhan. Produced at a huge cost by Venkat Rao, the film is likely to hit the screens in a fortnight’s time.



  1. Vasin

    Fuc. Some girls are not afraid of snakes, red/pink flesh and blood. Some girls refer to dicks as snakes. I hate it.

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