Vinu Chakravarthy to make a film Silk

Vinu Chakravarthy to make a film titled Silk

Vinu Chakravarthy to make a film Silk

Veteran actor Vinu Chakravarthy has so far starred in more than 500 films in a career spanning more than 25 years. Not many are aware that Vinu started off as a script writer. It was veteran director Bharathiraaja who made him an actor. Vinu was also ‘instrumental’ in making a shy Telugu girl Vijayalakshmi make her acting debut in Vandichakkaram as ‘Silk’ Smitha.

Readers might recall that Vinu objected strongly to the recent Bollywood film The Dirty Picture produced by Ekta Kapoor and directed by Milan Luthria. He said that it was he who introduced ‘Silk’ in films and that any film in the late actress’ life would have to be made only after consulting with him and getting his ‘permission’ to make the film. Ektaa, however, didn’t pay much attention to him and went ahead and completed the film.

Starring Palakkad-born Vidya Balan in the lead in Smitha’s role, The Dirty Picture has turned out to be a successful venture. According to trade sources in Mumbai, the film has so far collected as many as Rs.65 crores all over the country and elsewhere. Vinu obviously feels that he had been ‘neglected’ by Ektaa as she had gone ahead and completed the film without bothering to know much about Smitha’s life.

Vinu has now decided to turn director himself and would be making a film titled Silk. “I would make the film and narrate the story as it was; I’m even ready to give the North India distribution rights to Ektaa Kapoor free-of-cost. It’d be enough for me if the truth is told as I’m the only surviving person who knows each and everything about ‘Silm’ Smitha. I know the amount of pain that lay hidden in her heart. I’d surely bring it on screen” says Vinu Chakravarthy.


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