Vindhya dares Vadivelu to talk about Spectrum scandal


Actress Vindhya has been actively campaigning for the AIADMK and its allies for the past week or so. The actress was touring Kancheepuram District on the other day. Speaking at public meetings, Vindhya didn’t blink an eyelid before taking comedian Vadivelu and actress Khushboo for aligning themselves with the DMK.

The upcoming elections are a landmark one in the history of the State. Those of who had been ‘cheated’ into voting for the ruling party last time must have felt badly for their mistake. The five years which have gone by haven’t done any ‘magic’ to alter our lifestyles and our businesses.

“The general public has been hard hit by the sky-rocketing price rise, ever-prevailing power-cut, etc. which have remained the hallmarks of the ruling party in the State. People have seen through the trick of giving stale rice at the rate of Re.1 per kg through ration shops. I just can’t decipher as to why Vadivelu is keeping mum on the ‘spectrum’ issue; he being DMK’s star speaker, should come out with his views on the issue.

“Bogus voting would land you in prison for an year; voting for DMK would land in you in an unprecedented mess for the next five years. Be it Khushboo, who learnt speaking fluently in Tamil through her hugely popular show for Jaya TV, or Vadivelu, who was patronized by Vijayakanth for many years, everyone appear to be forgetting their past in a hurry,” lamented Vindhya.



  1. முனியாண்டி

    ஆகா இப்பவே கண்ண கட்டுதே . சூப்பர் பிகரு பா

  2. Aravind

    Vadivelu @g spectrum pathi pesura alavuku arivu kediyathu…….he know only indecent ways of talking bad abt vijayakanth…after election he will surely suffer for this…..

  3. Naan

    Valid Point. Let every DMK person who ever is campaigning ….let first explain why 2G Spectram Scandal happened. You have taken away 1,70,000 Crores from the govt and What is the point of spending few peanuts for your freebies? You do a GRAND THEFT and you still comeback shamless to ask for votes. Instead go hang yourself all. You all dont deserve to live.

  4. sadbgre

    Well said..But all my friends back in India..PLease please go and vote..dont think its a waste of time..Its our birthright..Atleast pick 49-O if you dont wanna vote for anyone as otherwise your vote might get manipulated for either of the poor parties..SO Please ppl…thanks

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