Vinay Rai is not an Idiot.

Vinay Rai
Vinay Rai

The blockbuster 3 Idiots is going through a remake in Tamil. Vinay Rai is supposed to do one of the characters.

“It’s true that I was approached for Madhavan’s role,” reveals Vinay, “I saw the original in Hindi and loved every bit of the film. Moreover, I am a big fan of Shankar sir and working with him would be a dream come true for me. But when I analyzed the role, I realized that it was not quite meaty. So, after couple of days, I got back to the production team and told them that I cannot take it up,” clarifies Vinay.

So when we asked him what would keep him busy after he rejected Shankar’s movie.

He mentioned he has been shooting for an untitled project opposite Sharmila Mandre, who is making her debut in Tamil too with this film.

“She is pretty and it’s great working with her. Madhesh is directing this commercial potboiler. It’s quite some time since I did a Tamil film and frankly speaking, I didn’t get many good scripts. This film has a lot of comedy and it was great fun working with seasoned comedians like Santhanam and Ganja Karuppu,”

He is also involved in the Telugu project, Veela, opposite Nisha Aggarwal.

“Nisha felt that I shared a great chemistry with Kajal in Modhi Vilayadu and that’s the reason she would like to work with me. I am still teasing her saying that she should ask her entire family to act with me,” he adds.

“ We observed he was quite busy with other offers and certainly doesn’t want  to be one amongst the selected ‘3 Idiots’. “



  1. Hero

    In my Opinion he should of taken the project up. My first reason. Shanker, we all know about shanker and his style of work. Actors will die to work with him. 2nd The films its self speaks of value that is a big problem in india. 3rd Mathavan did the role in hindi. We all know how good of an actor mathavan is. 4th this movie would be a trend setter in tamil cinama for various actors to work together. (Sathayarai, vijay, jeeva. 5th this is a big budgget movie when will most likly would of showed you in amazing screen play. 6th the people that will take this project up will promot this film to a whole new world.In conclusion i would like to say that Vinay is a an IDIOT. thank you plz dont mind the spelling mistakes. 

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