Vimal returns fee taken for Vaagai Sooda Vaa to compensate loss

Vimal returns his salary

Not often films with good scripts turn out to be successful ones at the box-office; similarly, successful films do not always possess a water-tight script. Films which are loved by the audience (for reasons which are best known only to the Almighty) tend to have a longer run at the box-office. Till date, no producer or director or actor can claim that he/she knows the formula for a sure-fire hit film at the box-office!

Vaagai Sooda Vaa (VSV), directed by Sargunam and starring Vimal and Iniya in the lead, released a couple of weeks ago. The film had an amazing script and a socially relevant message and was shot very well to match the script which was set in the seventies. Despite positive criticism from the critics and the print and television media, the film has hit a stumbling block at the box-office.

Vimal, who had assured producer Muruganandam that he’d forego his fee if the film didn’t do well at the box-office, met the producer recently and promptly returned the fee he had taken to star in the film. As if that’s not enough, Vimal has also agreed to do two consecutive films for the same producer. In order to bring the producer on tract after the loss in VSV, Vimal reportedly has also returned the ‘advance payment’ he had taken to do two films for the same producer.

As can be seen from the film, Vimal had toiled hard in rough and tricky terrains in the film. In an apparent honest effort to save cinema, he has returned the amount he took to star in VSV, which is a noble act of the highest order. His act has caught the whole of Kollywood in surprise. Accolades are pouring in for Vimal who has not only returned the money he took for VSV but has also agreed to do two more films for the same producer in order to bail him out of his predicament!

Let’s salute Vimal’s spirit!



  1. Vengayam

    Its sad that such an nice movie with an social message has made a loss.. Everybody who has seen this movie on a DVD should be very ashamed of it..

  2. sekhar

    thank god! I saw it online.. I should not be feeling ashamed right?

    just kidding.. Its an wonderful movie and I do feel ashamed to have watched it online. I bet 90% of them did the same mistake and repent it. Nice comment!

  3. selva

    I would have definitely watched this move if i was in india. Unfortunately this movie didnt get released in my country and hence i dont have any other option rather than watching it online.

  4. sasi nair

    Proud of you Vimal!

    Money may go; money may come but men…..

    I liked all your work – Pasanga, Kalaivani…

    How can I forget Meenaxi????

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