Vikranth As Anti-Hero In ‘Goripalayam’

Vikranth As Anti-Hero In ‘Goripalayam’

Actor Vikranth who made debut in R V Udhayakumar’s ‘Karka Kasadara’ is still fighting for a place even after doing five films as a lead character. Probably he doesn’t want to use the identity of being a cousin of Ilaya Thalapathi Vijay.

But the forthcoming ‘Goripalayam’ is expected to give Vikranth the much deserved break. Vikranth plays an anti-hero in ‘Goripalayam’. Being a villain he has got an opportunity to emote and he has done that perfectly. Impressed by the new villainy performance of Vikranth, Rasu Madhuravan has signed him as his hero for his next film. Great leap indeed.

And there is one more villain getting introduced to Tamil cinema. But he is a senior and the father of Aadhi. Aadhi’s father Ravi Raja is a popular director in Telugu and he will be donning a villain role to confront Vikram in his new film.


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