Vikram’s words for Bala


Vikram who had acted in Bala’s two films said,” I am so happy that Bala has got the best director National Award for his film Naan Kadavul. I felt like that I have got the award. Bala should have got the award for his film Sethu itself.

Though it was his first film Bala did not behave like that he was a new director. He had so confidence. In the first day shooting, the scene was I was to kidnap Abita. He instructed “Walk like this” “Stand here” “Then go there fast” and “Speak like this”.

He had so confidence in his profession. During the shooting of Sethu, he use to say like a prophet,” At this scene you will get applause from the audience” and the audience will applaud for this dialogue. After the release of the film Sethu, I went to the theatre to watch this film.

Whatever scenes Bala told that the audience will applaud, it happened. After this I worked with Bala in the film Pithamaghan. He never told me the whole story when I signed the film. He said,” This is your character. You will not speak. Your friend will be murdered.

What you do is the story of this film. You will get National Award.” Only this much he spoke about Pithamaghan. A director who has confidence in his story and the method he shoots can only speak like this. Every actor has acted well in Bala’s film. It is Bala who can bring out the acting skill of an actor. This award itself is little delayed for Bala. But however this award will form the basis for other awards.”


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