Vikram director Sargunam

Vikram’s next flick with Kalavaani Sargunam

Vikram director Sargunam

Director Sargunam made a successful debut in Kollywood as a film-maker with his Kalavaani a couple of years back. The film, set in the backdrop of Thanjavur District, not only turned out to be a hit film at the box-office but also gave ample proof of Sargunam’s film-making abilities. The water-tight script meant that the film was loved by the movie-goers and appreciated by the critics.

His next film Vaagai Sooda Vaa (VSV) again starred Vimal in the lead. Despite a good script and a noble attempt at stressing on the significance of education in today’s context, the film didn’t do well at the box-office. Though the film was a failure, it didn’t fail to impress actor Vikram who told Sargunam that he liked VSV very much and asked him to narrate a few scripts to him to choose from.

It need not be a purely commercial script; it can be about anything but would have to be a powerful one,” were Vikram’s words to Sargunam. Sargunam, who had earlier prepared a script for Vijay which wasn’t liked by the actor, narrated the same to Vikram. “Though the script was rejected by Vijay, the script can easily fit a ‘mass hero’ like you. It’s not an outright commercial films and has a nice script,” Sargunam reportedly told Vikram.

Vikram reportedly gave Sargunam a cheque for Rs.5 lakhs and told him to develop the script further. The actor has also assured Sarugunam that he would locate the producer of the film. When Vikram further asked him about what he wanted as his remuneration for the film, Sargunam reportedly told him that if Vikram assured him that he won’t change the script later, fee won’t be an issue for him.

After Vikram assured him that he wouldn’t demand change in script at a latter date, Sargunam has now started sprucing up the script.


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