Vikrams Karikalan to be similar to Gladiator and Troy


Chiyaan Vikram’s Karikaalan did have some starting trouble with debutant director Kannan and Gandhi Krishna’s locking horns with each other. Kannan went all out with his claim that the script was an original and rightfully his own, brushing aside director Gandhi Krishna’s assertion that the Karikalan script belonged to him.

Earlier there were reports of the first schedule for the flick being completed at the Talakona forests in Andhra Pradesh and now the team is gearing up for the big one. Reliable sources report that Director Kannan is really ambitious about this project and he plans to erect some massive sets to bring back the ancient ruins of a 2000 year old  Kaveripattinam city back to life. The city was a major port for trade and a capital city for the Chola dynasty. Vikram appears in a mighty warrior role in this period flick set in the Sangam age. Howsoever on further inquiry the director Kannan says , “Karikalan will be along the lines of Gladiator and Troy — a socio-fantasy subject which will be new to Tamil audiences andI personally feel  their could be no other actor that would do justice to the role of the Chola king apart from Chiyaan himself ”.

Totally accepted sir we need those 12 pack ABs….for our Chola Kings…YEAH….!!!



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