Vikrams Karikalan new posters

Vikram Karikalan Movie Posters

Take a look at the new posters for Chiyaan Vikrams upcoming mega flick Karikalan. Chiyaan looks every bit of a golden lion unleashed from his cage, as he maniacally whips away anything or everything in his sight. Armed with a 3 string Urumi like curled blade weapon ,Vikram is determined to raise hell. Our soldier-at-arms has made his way right through wrecked ships, slaughtered armies and bloodshed with poisoning arrows flying in from all corners.

Surprisingly the other poster has our Karikalan held up in thought (we wonder whether he forgot his Swiss knife). His armor is burdened with a majestic bow on his left hand side and a neat set of arrows nicely tucked away behind his back. His right hand holds firmly to the holy sword, intricately crafted and ready to cut right through your nerves. In the background we have Chiyaans faithful army with their spears bursting out in action, awaiting their master’s final call.

Kill em’ Chiyaan , Victory is ours to be !

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  1. malevolent

    vunaku therinja hollywood movie adumatum dana
    vokai posterku adhukum kuda oru samadamum ella peria kenna punnda maditri  comment adikura .

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