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Vikram’s focus shifts from controversial Karikalan to Thandavam

Vikram latest still

Though it’s yet to be confirmed, reports say that actor Vikram has given bulk dates (25 days) for the shooting of director Vijay’s upcoming film Thandavam. The dates which Vikram has allotted for Thandavam were earlier meant for Karikalan which has run into some rough weather with its title being claimed by others as their own.

Vikram’s decision to shift his focus from Karikalan has apparently made the film’s producer a crest-fallen man. The pity is that the elaborate arrangements the producer had made for the shooting schedule has gone down the drain. As reported earlier, Karikalan is a period type film which obviously costs lot of money in the present dispensation. As such, several lakhs were reportedly spent on erecting huge sets for the film’s shooting to take place in them.

Just when everything was ready for the shooting to commence, Vikram has gone off to shoot for Thandavam. Vikram is reportedly under the impression that it would be better if the producer settled the title dispute – an individual has claimed that the title was his – before talking about commencing the shoot. The producer is unable to convince though Karikalan is the name of a celebrated Tamil king and that no individual or organization can claim right to that name.

Rajasekar from Chennai’s Porur has claimed that not only the title but also the script of Karikalan was his and has filed a case with the High Court of Chennai against the producer, director and Vikram. The producers duo of Parthiban and Vasan, however, say that they were ready to face the case in Court. “We had formally registered the title with the Producers’ Council and only then started the shooting schedule.

“Even as we were busy with the work, we had to face this case by Rajasekar. As producers, it’s our duty to take care of the legal issues arising out of everything related to the film. It’s mischievous on the part of Rajasekar to involve actor Vikram’s name in the matter. It might not only defame the actor but might even make him lose his peace of mind. We’d go ahead and solve it amicably,” said the duo.


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