Vikrams Deiva Thirumagan is now Deiva Thirumagal


Though the the entire shooting schedule has been over, Vikram’s upcoming film is still struggling to get the title. The title of the film has been changed for the third time for a long time now. The film, which was initially named ‘Deivamagan’, faced stiff opposition from the makers of a film with the same name which starred the late Siviji Ganesan a few decades back.

The film, directed by Vijay of ‘Madarasapattinam’ fame, was then given the title of ‘Pitha’, which also faced problem as it turned out that some other producer had registered the same title with the Producers’ Council. Then, the director named his film as ‘Deiva Thirumagan’.

Alas!! Again a few social movements including Thevar community outfits have gone up in arms against the title of the film, saying that it was an ‘exclusive’ meant to refer to their iconic leader ‘Pasumpon Muthuramalinga Thevar’ and have demanded that the film be renamed ‘at any cost’ prior to its theatrical release. The outfits claimed that as the story revolves around a person with ‘special needs’, the title could be misleading as it refers to their leader.

Not wanting another battle for the title, the director has now gone ahead and named his film as ‘Deiva Thirumagal’ from ‘Deiva Thirumagan’.

The film has the sizzling Anushka pairing up opposite Vikram for the first time. Vikram also has another heroine in Amala Paul, who made heads turn and notice her with her performance in last year’s hit film ‘Mynaa’.

Hope this title change would be the final one.



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