Vikram sings all songs for Deiva Magan

Vikram the singer is back
Vikram the singer is back

The movie Kanthaswamy was a delight for movie fans having the very talented Vikram receiving praises for his performance. Well leaving aside his acting skills the movie is also remembered for presenting fans with ‘Vikram the singer’ and bringing forward a hidden talent of this gem of a performer.

Vikram who was asked to sing one song for the movie by composer Devi Sri Prasad ended up singing all the songs of Kanthaswamy. A similar incident seems to have happened for his upcoming movie Deiva Magan where the hero was asked to sing a song for composer GV Prakash but sources say that Vikram has once again gone ahead and sung all the songs in Deiva Magan.

Eager fans will be looking forward to hear his voice in the movie.



  1. wow

    i didn’t know he sung all the song..THATS KINDA COOL 🙂 i guess simbu set the stage first huh? but ya i would like to re-listen to kanthasamy songs NOW 🙂 go vikram

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