Vikram Press meet for Raavanan

Vikram is an actor who makes all heads turn towards him by his brilliant performance. All started with his works in the film ‘Sethu’. From then he keeps proving with every film that he is the best. ‘Pithamagan’ and ‘Anniyan’ just showcased his talents. Vikram is not only a brilliant actor in the minds of his fans; he is also a good singer. When we think about Vikram perseverance is what that comes in the mind. With all his films living up to the hype, the actor is now gearing up for his maiden Bollywood venture ‘Raavan’, which is also made simultaneously in Tamil as ‘Raavanan’.

‘Raavanan’ is directed by Mani Rathnam. Vikram is all set to create history again by playing the role of Ram and Raavan. Vikram plays the role of a cop Dev Pratap Sharma (Ram) in the Hindi version and in ‘Raavanan’ he is Veera, a tribal head who is undisputed, unlawful and untamed.

Vikram’s on screen inspiration is the legend actor Amitab Bachchan. On addressing the issue Vikram told “When it comes to films, I want to be like Amitab Bachchan, for the variety of roles he has enacted in his career. I always love to reinvent myself as an actor in every film that I do.”



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