Vikram next movie titled Vedi

vikram in vedi

Vikram is eagerly waiting for the release of ‘Ravanan’. Vikram known for his acting styles has played diametrically opposite roles in the Tamil and Hindi versions of the Mani Ratnam directed Ravanan. Vikram is the talk of the town. Ravanan is due to be released soon and the actor is already concentrating on his next project with director Bhoopathy Pandian.

Vikram has played different roles through out his career. Now having donned a series serious role, the transition to do a comedy role may not be easy for all actors. But with Vikram being a seasoned actor, it should be a smooth transition.

With Bhoopathy Pandian’s forte being comedy and Vikram donning the intelligence police officer role, this film has generated enough expectations already. And finally for those keen on knowing the title of the movie starring Vikram under Bhoopathy pandians direction  is Vedi.


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