Vikram back to action hero mode


Actor ‘Chiyaan’ Vikram is a class act. Time and again, he has proved his mettle as an actor and continues to surprise his fans and the audience with his variety and range. He has this amazing knack of mixing his films: commercial one with the ‘arty’ ones. It’s almost impossible to believe that the Vikram in ‘Gemini’ and ‘Dhool’ is the one who starred in ‘Pithamagan’.

Unlike many who want to become the next ‘Rajini’, Vikram has always been seen as the next ‘Kamal Haasan’, if his penchant for experimenting with various roles is any yardstick to go by. It’s this urge to express himself in various roles has given his viewers some unforgettable films in ‘Sethu’, ‘Pithamagan’, ‘Kasi’ and the upcoming film ‘Vikramin Deivathirumagan’.

Vikram does the balancing act between commercial films and arty films perfectly: a ‘Kasi’ follows a ‘Dhool’ and a ‘Deivathirumagan’ follows a ‘Kandhasamy’. He has good reputation among the distributors who want him to star in more commercial films which give them reasonable amount of profits at the box-office.

There are others who feel that what Vikram has been doing is just the right thing. As if to prove them right, Vikram has agreed to do a film for director Suseenthiran which would dwell in detail about the emotional bond that exists between a grandson and his grandfather. Veteran director K. Viswanath (last seen in Dhanushi’s ‘Yaaradi Nee Mohini’) is likely to star as Vikram’s grandpa in the film.



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