Vijays Makkal Naalam Mantram conduct’s free matrimonials for 24 poor pairs stills

Vijay has a right mix of cinema and welfare activities to his account. He has organised for free matrimonials for the poor in Trichy today,28th March. Vijay has his own organization named ‘Makkal Naalam Mantram’ through which he is doing various welfare works in every district. He has this habit of doing these activities between the finish of one and start of another movie.

Previously, Vijay opened free computer training centres in Puthukottai and Puducherry. He has done even monetary helps for many. As he has finished his 50th film ‘Sura’, he visited Trichy.Where he opened a free computer training centre and  conducted free matrimonials for 24 poor pairs. The function  took place in the ‘Trichy Kalaigar Aarivalayam’ in morning 9:30. Vijay would also be offering all the essentials for the newly married couples.

Vijay’s father director S.A.Chandrasekaran was there for the marriage function for which minister K.N. Nehru was the head. The other personalities who were present are minister Selvaraj, Mayor Sujath, Assistant Mayor Anbalagan, S.P.Siva, M.L.A. Anbil Periaswami. All the arragements for the function were done by Trichy Vijay Welfare Association.



  1. Anonymous

    I really dont understand how do these ppl find the poor couple to create publicity. Are these ppl are really couples or just it is all fake publicity.

  2. Anonymous

    good publicity stunt for sura…showing vijay as the leader which is not the truth….wat is he then…?he is an opportunist political wannabe….

  3. saravanan

    asal flop thanga mudiyama ajitha race ku poi publicity panuratha vida ithu pola service pana sollunga unga tharuthalaya. vijay the mass.

  4. saravanan

    very good vijay anna i like u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  5. Anonymous

    good job vijay keep it up. if all the rich people in cine field do social service poverty levls will be lowered in india.

  6. Anonymous

    Many people think, but they don't GIVE.
    Most of the People who have money, doesn't have good heart.
    Only few people have good heart like Vijay to transform thoughts into actions like this. I appreciate Illaya Thalapathi very much for his helping hands and good deeds.

  7. Anonymous

    Good that u told to avoid bad words. Some comments from some people r so disgusting. People in cine field do , perform such good things to others. Some keep it a secret , some do big publicity. Whatever , somehow it benefits atleats a few people. So everybody should be thankful for that !

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